Patrick van Caeckenbergh

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秋光と戯れて (by adagio25)

The Temple of the Mind - Albert Pinkham Ryder


Katerina Lomonosov

"Without the Girls, Show Biz is No Biz" - Gordon Parks, 1958


I discovered Van Gogh
about the time I gave up baseball
in Santa Monica
at a cheap picture framing shop
with my old man
in back
flipping a stack of prints
while pop argued over returning a chipped piece of glass


The pain in the paintings hit me like flames
jumped out
a mad man’s hundred-year-old vivid fury
blasting me between the eyes
scalding my senses
and changing my life
like a first kiss


And today
I saw “Irises” again
in a window at a stop signal on Wilshire Boulevard

The light changed and behind me some dickhead began honking like a
fucking maniac
while I sat there wiping tears from my face
for the pure passion
in the vision of
Vincent’s eyes


Dan Fante


Liane de Pougy, Courtesan.

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Camille-Félix Bellanger, Abel (Detail), 1874-75

June Carter & Johnny Cash

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